Nov 2012 28

New EP out Monday0

Posted By Ed

For the last 4 years (Great Odin’s Raven, has it been that long?!) we in Flight School have been putting the ‘finishing touches’ to this EP. First off, we’d like to apologise for how long it’s taken – when writing “Me, Jools and Your Suitcase” in 2008, we were unaware of how long it would take to transmogrify it from a New Year’s Day jam session into the sweeping epic beast it has now become.

But having said all that, we’re very proud of it. In our opinion it’s the best thing we’ve recorded yet, and as a little early Christmas present (because we love you), the first 200 copies will be free to download as of Monday December 3rd. We’d love those of you who still remember “Afterthought” and “Fragile” to get in there and have a listen, we think you won’t hate it. And all you newbies to our music too, welcome to the fold, come indulge at your leisure, there may not be another release for 4 years after all…